Pakistan Myasthenic Welfare Organization (PMWO):

Pakistan Myasthenic Welfare Organization (PMWO) is a Registered Voluntary Health Organization with charitable status established in 1990 with the cooperation of prominent physicians, surgeons, philanthropists and patients of the Pakistan. PMWO is dedicated to provide a comprehensive treatment to patients with MG and GBS/CIDP in Pakistan, which include Medicines, Plasmapheresis and Thymectomy (surgical removal of thymus gland) a Myasthenia Gravis patients in PIMS. PMWO is he only health organization of its nature in Pakistan for the diagnosis & treatment of ailing humanity suffering from MG and GBS/CIDP.

Status of PMWO:

  • PMWO is registered under the voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Act. 1961 with Government of Pakistan, ICT, Islamabad.
  • PMWO has approved status of Tax exemption on Donations from CBR (Government of Pakistan) under the Income Tax Act 2(36) of Income Tax Ordinance 2001.
  • PMWO registered with Youth Affairs Division, Government of Pakistan vide Enrolment No.F.10-17/92.NP.
  • Ministry of Health Government of Pakistan has acknowledged PMWO as Health NGO.
  • Affiliated with PIMS for indoor management and help of MG & GBS patients in their treatment.
  • Affiliated with Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America for research and sharing in publications on the diagnosis and treatment of Myasthenia Gravis.

Prof. M. Tariq

Khalid Mehmood Zia – CYP

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